Not by your works!

If you don’t love Lord Jesus more today than you did yesterday, you’re backslidden.
^^Said by Adrian Rogers.^^

🌹BUT…there’s hope for you yet because God is a very merciful, patient God and LOVES you and is waiting on you with open arms to return to Him, be on fire for Him.

Repent, abide in Christ (pray always about everything, read His word daily, do what He tells us to do) and you will be pleasing Him and be on fire for Him.
Be passionate and outspoken about Lord Jesus. Do not allow the devil to guilt-trip you into silence. Because you are FORGIVEN. The blood of Jesus was shed ONCE for ALL.

We are sanctified and cleansed by the washing of water and the word, which is the blood of Christ which cleanses us from all sin after we heard the gospel of Jesus Christ and believed.
Saved by grace through faith.

NOTHING else saves us except the blood of Christ by grace through faith after hearing the Good News about what Jesus did for THE WORLD, for WHOEVER believes in Him.

The devil is clever and sneaky, he will send someone your way to tell you no, you also need to do this or that before you are saved. No! The devil is a liar! The moment salvation depends on any works done by you, it is NOT by GRACE through FAITH anymore, which is the GIFT of God.
Because the moment salvation depends on any works WE did, we will boast in what WE did and we did nothing. It is ALL GOD’s work. God and God alone.
Because God the Father is the one who called you to Jesus.😊

When you are outspoken about God and His word, the devil will use people in your daily life, even on the internet to accuse you, make you feel condemned, attack you with false accusations, make you feel unworthy of God’s love and forgiveness.
Forgive them & pray for them, because the devil is using them to accuse you and Satan is the ACCUSER of the brethren.

Stick to the word of God, pray God for discernment to know when someone is busy with false teaching, to discern the tares from the wheat, the wolves from the sheep.
You shall know them by their fruits.

Rest in Jesus and what HE did and be at peace.💕

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