Mission : Possible – I AM breaks into the prison.

Words from the rescued prisoner:

After all the chaos, I sit in a series of metal chains connected one to another. Chains, I had acquired from ignorance. I sit alone in a empty cell, contemplating my escape. I sit alone…

He is passing by. He had passed by before , though i did not discern his presence. This time….I hear his footsteps. His steps move in a rhythmic song that he is humming to. His breath and the sound of his voice produce the rhythm. His voice startled me, and I look up. I cannot see him. I lower my head again to the position I was in.

The prison cell is silent, yet noisey at the same time. An extraordinary contradiction.

I stand up, and try to walk towards the metal bars with the chains making noise. I hope to catch a glimpse of him passing by.

I whisper, who are you? He responds immediately and says… I AM. Trembling in fear I dare ask again. What do you want, who are you? He responds… I AM. I am now able to see the back of Him as He passes me. His glory unveils the darkness that covered my eyes.

The next day I am ready and alert. My objective is to know the breadth, the length, the height and the depth of I AM. I want to know him. I want to catch I AM who caught me. I seek him with intensity.

My plan is that as soon as I hear I AM pass me by, I will embrace him and love him.

I hear his footsteps move to the rhythmic music that surrounds him. I get up and shuffle in the chains towards the metal gate. I see him, and I stretch my arms to embrace him.

He smiles…. and I melt…

I bow my head in worship -“Lord speak, your servant hears you”

At that moment, the chains fall off me… the prison gate opens.

Source: Mission : Possible – I AM breaks into the prison.


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