Christians and FB

atjisblogger1A witch on Facebook (no I’m not being mean, she really is a witch, it said so on her FB profile and her posts prove it and her pictures) was offended when I sent her an invitation from my FB page (like the business pages, but I have a Christian page) to like my page.

Anyone who has a FB business/Christian page knows that when someone who has not liked your page and interacts with one of your posts, they can be invited to like your page.  You just click on the likes underneath your post and all the names of those who liked the posts pop up and next to those who have not liked your page, there is an ‘Invite’ button.  So that is how it came to be that I invited her.  I did not even know she was a witch.  Only later after she posted twice on my page saying ‘F**k this page’ and with a screenshot of the invitation from my page, did I notice she was actually a witch.  I banned her so that she could not continue swearing on my page.  She could have declined my invitation, but she chose to be hateful and cause a drama.

So I used the screenshot of my page invitation that she posted on my page, in a post that I made to ask everyone on my Christian page to please pray for her because she is a witch and in darkness.  She reported my post to FB and FB removed it saying I violated their Facebook Community Standards.  The following was what I posted (I omit the picture):


Screenshot of post that FB removed

I would like to know on what grounds FB removed my post?  At first I thought it might be because of her screenshot that I used.

So I made a new post to tell people on my page what happened regarding this person and she again reported my post and again FB removed it and blocked me for 24 hours from posting or any interaction on FB.  Here is the second screenshot of the post FB removed:


Screenshot of second post that FB removed

Can someone explain to me what is so very wrong with my post?  Why would FB indulge the whims of a witch over a caring, civilized post of a Christian?

There are so many vile things on FB yet they remain, FB has no problem with it.

So after all that, I noticed a meme someone posted somewhere on FB filled with the ‘F’ word and I reported the meme, just to see how FB would react, whether they would be consistent.  They said that the meme does not violate their Community Standards.

Once again the Bible is proven to be so true…in the last days they will call evil good and good evil.  ‘Nuff said.



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