Why The (Supposedly Biblical) Subjugation Of Women?

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It is truly grievous that every human being is not being treated with the same common respect that all of us want and expect to be treated with. Shouldn’t everyone consider that everyone else, regardless of race, gender, age, or any other physical characteristic, religion, position, income, etc., possesses the same equal inherent rights as they do? Then why do we still see, even in our supposedly “modern” times, even in our supposedly “free” countries, and even in our supposedly “Christ-like” churches, the subjugation of women? Why are cultures, even in the West, including (and often even more so) in its churches, teaching that men are to be esteemed and listened-to above women? Anyone, and any group, who teaches that women are to be restricted due to their gender are certainly teaching that men are superior to women.

It should be incredulous to us that this battle has to…

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One thought on “Why The (Supposedly Biblical) Subjugation Of Women?

  1. You make a valid point, and I honestly believe most of the subjugation is due to insecurity and control. We are all one in Christ and until we become one with Him individual we will always see one another separately

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